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Time At The House Of Genista


I am now taking orders for pet portraits for 2022

Prices/Sizes HERE

Check out my "Miniature Pet Portraits", ideal for Christmas/ Birthday Gifts etc

8" x 10" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait - Mounted

£55 + P/P

Contact me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if your portrait is required for a particular date.

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Featured Products - NEW ARRIVALS


8" x 10" Single Pastel Pet Portrait £55 + P/P

11" x 14" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £85 + P/P

Two Subjects £125 + P/P

12" x 16" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £100 + p/p

Two Subjects £140 + P/P

Three Subjects £170 + P/P

16" x 20" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £150 + P/P

Two Subjects £190 + P/P

Three Subjects £230 + P/P

20" x 26" Single Pastel Pet Portrait £240 + P/P

Add £40 per extra subject for this size



"SORBET" 8ins £34.99

"Tatty" 4/5ins £32.99

"WOOKIE" 6/7ins Jijome £35.99

"CHOCOLATE PUDDING" 4/5ins £32.99



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" The House Of Genista Attic Treasures"

Antique/Vintage Collection

"There Is No Bear Like An Old Bear"

Antique/Vintage Teddy Bears And Toys From Early 1900's - 1960's

WELCOME to The House Of Genista Antique/Vintage Collection, "Attic Treasures" where I aim to offer a good selection of mid 20th century Teddy Bears, and other Animals/Toys from worn and well-loved to good and even mint condition. The House Of Genista is the perfect place for starting or adding to a collection or simply finding "A Special Old Friend!"

There is no antique quite so huggable and endearing as an old Teddy Bear, and even today, collecting old Teddy Bears remains an International Passion.

Few people forget their first Teddy Bear, and this memory is often the start of a passion for collecting Bears in later life. A Teddy Bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded, worn out, patchy and balding fur and as such he commands affection and respect long after he has been outgrown. A Teddy Bear remains just that - a Bear, even when most of him has fallen off or worn away with time and love, they can lose just about everything from fur to eyes to limbs and still maintain their dignity and worth.

We here at The House Of Genista believe that a Teddy Bear grows more alive, beautiful and charismatic with age.

"Everything In Life I Share, Except Of Course My Teddy Bear"

My Stock is updated regularly so if you don't see anything you like on this occasion, please add me to your favourites and check back soon.

(Please read "Product Images And Descriptions" on Policies page)

"The Old Timers"

"Marmaduke" 1950's Pedigree

Details To Be Added 

"Robert" 1950's Chad Valley


"Mr Pickles" 20ins

Early 1950's Pedigree (Click Photo) 

"Tiffy" 1930's Chiltern "ADOPTED"

"Steiff Zotty"

Click On Photo

"Charlie" " ADOPTED"

A lovely example of a 1950's Chiltern


1930's Chiltern

Please click on photo

"Maisie" 18ins

Early 1950's Pedigree (Click Photo)

 "Steiff" Beagle called "Biggie"

Click On Photo 

"Millie" is a lovely little Vintage Mouse from the 1950's.

Click On Photo

Sweet Old "Rose" is a 16 inch Early Steiff Teddy Bear

Please Click On Photo....


1950's Pedigree

Please Click On Photo

"Edward" 1950's Chiltern


"Henry" Chiltern Style 



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