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I am now taking orders for pet portraits for 2022

Prices/Sizes HERE

Check out my "Miniature Pet Portraits", ideal for Christmas/ Birthday Gifts etc

8" x 10" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait - Mounted

£55 + P/P

Contact me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if your portrait is required for a particular date.

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Featured Products - NEW ARRIVALS


8" x 10" Single Pastel Pet Portrait £55 + P/P

11" x 14" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £85 + P/P

Two Subjects £125 + P/P

12" x 16" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £100 + p/p

Two Subjects £140 + P/P

Three Subjects £170 + P/P

16" x 20" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £150 + P/P

Two Subjects £190 + P/P

Three Subjects £230 + P/P

20" x 26" Single Pastel Pet Portrait £240 + P/P

Add £40 per extra subject for this size



"SORBET" 8ins £34.99

"Tatty" 4/5ins £32.99

"WOOKIE" 6/7ins Jijome £35.99

"CHOCOLATE PUDDING" 4/5ins £32.99



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"Sometimes The Smallest Things Take Up The Most Room In Your Heart!"

How To Commission A Portrait

"Lovier Art & Pet Portraits" commissioned portraits are painted from your own photographs by myself. I hand paint each portrait using photographs as a guide. I am not trying to make the painting look like the photograph but hopefully to enhance it to bring out your pets personality and character as a painting. I recommend that you send the best photo you have, along with several others so that I can get a good feel for the character of your pet . Several photographs can be used to get the required pose and changes can be made to remove e.g. a hand, collar, "red eye" etc, but if you only have one photograph, then that is OK too. It is important to use as clear a photograph as possible as a guide as the quality of the photograph will directly influence the detail of the painting.

Provided that the photos are clear, I can capture a good likeness. If need be, I will contact you to clarify anything that I am unsure of. Photos can be emailed to me here at The House Of Genista or sent in the post. Emailed photos need to be of a high enough resolution for me to print a clear close up to work from. Photos sent in the post will be treated with care and returned to you in the condition you sent them, along with the finished portrait.

The Approval Process

The completed portrait will be scanned or photographed and sent to you via email or post. This allows you to preview the work before making the final payment. I want to ensure that you are completely happy with the portrait. This gives you a chance to make comments or advise of anything that isn’t quite right in your eye. For instance you may feel that your pets eyes might be too dark/light because the reference photo wasn’t clear enough. I welcome your feedback so please do say what you are thinking.

Your satisfaction is paramount to me. There is nothing more pleasing than to hear of the pleasure you get when you receive your beloved pets portrait. So far, I have never had an unsatisfied customer but if you are to be my first I would rather do everything possible to make that not happen.

Completion Time

Portraits will usually take 2 - 3 weeks to complete, maybe a little longer if I am in the midst of completing several other portraits when you commission yours. The lead up to Christmas will normally be a particularly busy time so please try to give me as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment. If you have a particular date in mind then let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. Remember to always allow a few extra days if you are posting photos, arrange payment, approve the portrait and send it out.

Framing Your Portrait 

The portrait is sent to you unframed (miniatures are framed) but mounted to match the portrait. The type of frame is a personal choice and depends on your own tastes as well as the decor of your home. The portrait needs to be framed under glass, preferably with a double mount.Resin frames come in a variety of finishes and are substantially cheaper than a wooden frame of similar appearance so I would check these out.

I will however be offering a framing service in the very near future should you require it, so please do ask if you are interested.


When you have paid for the portrait and taken ownership of it, the copyright transfers from me to you - commissioned portraits only. This means that I cannot reproduce the portrait for profit. For instance, I would not be allowed to produce and sell prints of your portrait. I can however, use the image for marketing purposes such as including it on a brochure or posting it on this website or my blogs.

In terms of photographs or images supplied to The House Of Genista "Genista Pawtraits", it is the customers' responsibility to make sure these images are either copyright free or that the customer has had permission to use and supply the images to The House Of Genista. In simple terms it is the responsibility of you the customer to ensure that no photographs supplied to The House Of Genista are in breach of copyright laws. If you have taken these photographs yourself, that is fine. The House Of Genista warrants that the customer either owns or has obtained copyright(s) or copyright permission to use any image which is supplied to The House Of Genista for use and the customer agrees to assume full legal and financial responsibility for any copyright suit or action which may take place regarding materials supplied by the customer.   

Taking Photos

Here are some tips that will help you take the best pictures of your pets:

Animals can be tricky to photograph so here are a few tips to follow.

Firstly, get someone to help you. It is much easier to have one person control the pet while another person takes the photo and maybe occupy them, try to get them to look in the right direction etc. Take the photos outdoors in bright shade or hazy sunshine. Try not to use the flash or your pets eyes may well appear as glowing discs of reflected light. A bright, overcast day is ideal for the job. Also avoid very bright sunshine because the colours will appear bleached out and cast shadows which may obscure parts of your pet. You should also avoid dark shade which will deaden the colours and darken the photo.

You need to get down to the same height as the pet. This is very important. If you are standing up with your pet sitting down in front of you, it will end up out of proportion – the nose will be too big and the body too small – not a flattering look! Even if you have to lie on the ground or squat down low then do it because your photos will be so much better.

Use a zoom lens to get a good, clear shot of the face. Using a zoom means you can get a nice shot without being too intrusive or startling your pet. It is particularly handy when photographing dogs. Without a zoom your dog will probably be more interested in sniffing the camera instead of sitting still, looking your way and pricking its ears up!

Take photos from different angles. Try taking photos from side on, directly in front and from a three quarter view. Often a three quarter view is most appealing but this is not always the case.

For a good head/shoulder portrait, the face should fill most of the picture. Ensure yout pets' eyes are clearly visible as the eyes are very important to the portrait - they are the windows to their soul. Ideally the photo should be taken at the pets' eye level rather than looking down. This makes for a much better photograph.

A Good Example Of A Clear Photo For A Head Portrait 

Don’t get frustrated or angry with your pet if it won’t co-operate. If you find yourself getting annoyed then take a break. You don’t want to get into a bad mood or your pet will be wary whenever it sees you coming outside with the camera. Be prepared to take plenty of shots. Reward your pet with praise and a small treat when it does what you want it to do. This should be a fun activity for you and your pet!

Portraits Sizes/Prices Page Has Now Been Added To Enable You To Commission Your Very Own "Genista Pawtraits" Pastel Pet Portrait If You So Wish.

If you are unsure about anything please email me at


Visit My PET PORTRAITS GALLERIES where work is being added all the time to build up my portfolio.

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